Green infrastructure and energy justice in health adaptation: leveraging climate policy innovation and vulnerability-readiness nexus

  • 2021.06.18.
  • Hyun Kim et al.
  • Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning
In this study, we examine how climatic heat stress can be mediated by green infrastructure outcomes and how energy justice effort contributes to health adaptation within the U.S. Great Lakes regions and their primary metropolitan areas over a recent 10-year period (2005–2015). ... (더보기)


EU Climate and energy governance in times of crisis: towards a new agenda

  • 2021.06.09.
  • Ingmar von Homeyer et al.
  • Journal of European Public Policy
The EU has long pursued relatively ambitious climate and energy policies, often against the backdrop of what has been termed the EU ‘polycrisis’. This paper introduces a special issue which seeks to develop a better understanding of why, how and with which consequences the polycrisis and EU climate and energy governance have influenced each other. ... (더보기)


지역의 시민들은 어떤 기후변화 대응 정책을 선호하는가?: 순천시의 사례

  • 2021.05.
  • 장용창
  • 한국지방자치연구
2020년 7월부터 10월까지 전남 순천시의 시민들이 기후변화에 대응한 그린 뉴딜 정책을 개발하고 평가하였다. 11회의 오프라인 토론회와 11회의 온라인 토론이 개최되었다. ... (더보기)


The inequalities-environment nexus: Towards a people-centred green transition

  • 2021.03.15.
  • OECD
This paper contributes to the debate on the inequalities-environment nexus by analysing the consequences of the environmental degradation and of environmental policies on four well-being dimensions: health, income and wealth, work and job quality, and safety. ... (더보기)


Renewables 2021 Global Status Report

  • 2021
  • Thomas André et al.
  • REN21
As the world’s only crowd-sourced report on renewable energy, the Renewable 2021 Global Status Report (GSR) is in a class of its own. It covers policies, markets, and much more, while telling the most up-to-date global story on renewable energy. ... (더보기)


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